Remote working & Bluetooth Earphones: A Perfect Combo!

Remote working & Bluetooth Earphones: A Perfect Combo!

May 12 , 2021

In a world suffering from a health crisis, a little-known but previously well-established method of working has become the norm for safety and health reasons: teleworking or more often called remote working.

In fact, working from home has proven to be much more difficult than we thought: children running around, work-life balance, difficult concentration due to constant distraction, etc.

We've even come to salute the people who do it on a daily basis and have done so for years.

Thank goodness Bluetooth earphones have come into our lives and put some pep back into this one during quarantine.

As we are now gradually returning to normal life, some of us will return to the office while others will remain in teleworking: by choice or obligation.

To make their work easier and help them find the perfect balance, Bluetooth earphones have become their best ally.

A quick look at why telecommuting and wireless earphones are the perfect combo to get the balance right.

  • Bluetooth earphones, an unparalleled ally!

As we've discovered, it's not always easy to work while caring for your own children or to ignore your surroundings. It requires unparalleled organisation and balance.

Working from home, when it's your first time doing it, can also be really stressful.

That's when your best ally comes into play with a rousing background sound: wireless earphones!

These allow you to help create that bubble of serenity so you can focus on your day's tasks with the call function and active noise reduction, for example, but also help you relax with music.

3 criteria are notably important to this balance in choosing your best ally.


Since you will be wearing them for many hours, it is important to make sure they are comfortable.

In fact, wearing them for a long time can make your cartilage sore.

So choose earphones with cushions, whether silicone or foam. Also, pay attention to the shape of the in-ears so that they fit your ears best.

The sound quality

    During your video or phone calls, it is essential to have good audio quality in order to understand what your caller is saying and vice versa.

    Most earphones have very good stereo sound quality. So, no worries on that part.

    Please note, however, that for the bone conduction headphones or earphones, the audio quality is different.

    Active noise reduction

      This feature is ESSENTIAL for anyone working from their home, coworking space or open space.

      The reason is simple: active noise reduction "erases" ambient noise (screams, voices, outside noise, etc.) to put you in a cocoon.

      This provides you with better concentration, without experiencing any hearing discomfort.

      • Benefits in working from home

      You're probably thinking, "Are there any benefits to wearing earphones? "Well, yes!"

      Protected hearing

      Remember that the audio volume must be perfectly adjusted so as not to damage your eardrums in the long run.

      Yes, we also know very well that you don't respect this notion because you like to be in a bubble, cut yourself off from the world.

      With active noise cancelling earphones, which eliminate surrounding noise, you no longer have to turn up the sound to drown out the noise around you.

      So you protect your hearing, while working and/or listening to music.

      Note: If you are listening to music or making a phone call from your smartphone, the phones have an automatic function after a few hours of listening to protect your hearing. This is a second protection.

      Less stress

      Listening to music during monotonous or repetitive work is a very good stimulant because it makes you feel less tired and bored.

      More importantly, it helps lower your daily stress and anxiety levels when working in a stressful work environment.


      Decreasing your stress and anxiety while preserving your hearing will help you be more productive as you will be more focused and achieve balance within this new work setting.

      Convinced? Check out our range of wireless earphones and Bluetooth headphones in our Shop.

      If you're not convinced about this perfect combo, we invite you to read our article 3 Good Reasons to Adopt Wireless Earphones. See you soon!