Bone Conduction Headphone: The Sportsman's Sidekick

Bone Conduction Headphone: The Sportsman's Sidekick

May 12 , 2021

In a rapidly evolving sector, a little new feature that is still largely unknown to the public is making its entrance: bone conduction.

This innovation is in full swing in a booming sector and is trying to take its place among the big ones that dominate our daily lives: the wireless earphones.

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So what is bone conduction? How does it work? Who does it work for? Why?

Let's take a quick look at the future sidekick of sportsmen and women to find out!

  • Bone Conduction Explained Simply

At first glance, the term "bone conduction" is quite barbaric and can scare many without really understanding what it implies.

Yet this innovation has a very distant origin and was first used by none other than the famous composer and pianist, Beethoven.

Deafened, he wanted to continue making music. Thanks to bone conduction, he was able to continue hearing and composing music despite his hearing pathology.

The idea being that the sound is not diffused directly inside the ear, but through vibration. This is why the headphones are placed over the ear and not in it. This vibration is then conducted from the jaw to the ears.

Very practically, this allows the sound to bypass your eardrum and go directly into your inner ear, allowing you to bypass any hearing problems and not isolate yourself from the environment around you.

An amazing anecdote: The military used this one to preserve spatial perception in tactical communications.

Of course, this innovation has undergone drastic evolutions over the years, resulting in better audio quality and comfort.

  • Audio Quality & Safety

While bone conduction has long suffered from a poor reputation in terms of audio quality, not least because of natural acoustic leakage, new innovations fully remedy these problems.

The new bone conduction headphones now offer a sound quality appreciated by remote workers, sportsmen, audiobook readers, etc.

However, if you're a fan of isolation, which most headphones offer today, using these wireless bone conduction headphones might confuse you at first since they don't hide or isolate surrounding noise.

So the audio quality is quite different from typical Bluetooth headphones and earbuds.

In effect, bone conduction headphones link audio quality and safety by letting you hear ambient noise while listening to music.

This is not insignificant for athletes jogging or cycling as it allows them to hear cars, pedestrians or potential hazards.

In addition, most bone conduction Bluetooth headsets have an IPx6 to IPx8 waterproof rating!

Now you can listen to music while jogging or swimming every day without worrying about sweat, weather or water immersion.

  • Suitable for everyone!

Although it is still little known, these bone conduction headphones are widely appreciated in situations that require staying in touch with the outside world.

This innovative and unique technology is the perfect solution for a variety of people as it provides audio access for certain hearing conditions related to the airborne transmission chain of the ear:

  • Ear canal - eczema, psoriasis, cartilage infection, etc.
  • External ear canal - canal too narrow, pain from wearing conventional headphones, repeated external ear infections, etc.
  • Middle ear - eardrum perforation, chronic otitis, ossicular damage, hearing loss, etc.

It also becomes the sidekick of sportsmen and athletes as it is lightweight, comfortable to wear and provides significant audio quality as well as safety.

More importantly, it is the safe solution for children as it protects their hearing by not damaging eardrums.

To sum up, the lightweight, BTE shape and over-the-head headband principle fit all users, regardless of size, age and usage.

Try this bone conduction headset? Do you want to adopt it too? Come and discover it in our Store right now!